Frolov lab is hiring a postdoc and a PhD student.

Postdoctoral Position in Frolov Lab, University of Pittsburgh:

Postdoctoral position in experiment quantum nanoscience is available at Frolov lab at the University of Pittsburgh. Research topics include but are not limited to non-Abelian statistics and topological qubits with Majorana fermions; interacting topological phases and work towards the discovery of parafermions; quantum simulation with semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum dots in nanowires. Typical projects involve a collaboration with a graduate student, extensive use of on-campus facilities at Petersen Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering, and low temperature transport measurements in dilution refrigerators. Interested candidates should email their CV and describe their interests in an email to frolovsm@pitt.edu. The search is open until the position is filled (post date March 23 2017).

PhD Students:

University of Pittsburgh graduate school admission process must be followed. Namely, candidates submit a graduate school application (typical deadline is in January of each year). Successful candidates begin their MS/PhD program in the Fall of that year.


University of Pittsburgh offers graduate fellowships to outstanding candidates on a competitive basis. Candidates interested in working in Frolov lab are encouraged to contact Sergey and discuss their interests prior to submitting a graduate school application.